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Terms of Use

Nolichucky Roots is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivatives 3.0 United States License. All text is written by Susan Clark and all photographs are owned taken and/or owned by Susan Clark unless stated otherwise.

My hope is readers, especially other family historians, will find something of use. If you let me know what information is of interest to you I may have more. I cannot pass on permission to use images of documents from archives or other images not owned by me. I've taken the time to get permission to publish them. They will surely give you permission to do the same.

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Bottom line - I'm putting this information out there to be freely used by other researchers. I don't expect anyone to use material I have created to make money or promote anything beyond peace and goodwill to all.

Areas of Interest

I am researching the following families:
  • Hampton in Washington County, TN and surrounding counties
  • James in Wythe and Smyth counties, VA
  • Mulkey in Washington County, TN and Somerset County, MD
  • Pugh in Wythe and Smyth counties, VA
  • Sawyer in Cocke & Greene counties (TN) and Madison & Buncombe counties (NC)
  • Smith in Wythe and Smyth counties, VA
I am also researching my Carpatho-Rusyn ancestry:
  • Pereksta from today's eastern Slovakia
  • Sidor/Sedor in Broome County, NY
I am interested in the following surnames and locations:
  • Bonnell/Bunnell (MO and KS)
  • Bryson (Washington and Blount Counties, TN)
  • Caulk
  • Conway (VA and TN)
  • Currell (Northern Neck, VA)
  • Heath (Cabell, WV to Sangamon, IL)
  • Jones (Jackson, TN to Montgomery, IL)
  • Lee (Northern Neck, VA)
  • McAdams (TN and SC)
  • Meredith in Baltimore, MD and the Northern Neck of VA
  • Palmer in the Northern Neck, VA
  • Sawyer (TN and NC)
  • Shelton (Cabell, WV to Sangamon, IL)
  • Sneed (Jackson, TN)
  • Steptoe (Northern Neck, VA)
  • Turner (Northern Neck, VA)
  • Williams (VA)
  • Whitaker (Hampden, MA)
I am particularly interested in the role of religion, in my family's history and their communities. Of particular interest are:
  • Baptists and Presbyterians in East Tennessee
  • Catholics in the Northern Neck of Virginia and Maryland
  • Carpatho-Rusyn Churches in Broome County, NY; Lake County, IN; and Chicago, IL

Documentation and Sources

My source policy is evolving and not as consistent as I would wish. My goal is to provide sources for the digital images used, letters referenced in the postings, and other sources not widely available. I may not provide sources for materials available on the major websites, though am more than happy to share those sources upon request.

While I believe the material presented is accurate, there are no guarantees when it comes to genealogy. Should anyone have questions about my conclusions or sources please contact me.

Contacting Susan or Nolichucky Roots

I post information on as Nolichuckyroots. I have a family tree online at RootsWeb (see sidebar for link).

I would love to hear from anyone regarding anything you find on these pages. You may comment on the posts, contact me using the sidebar links or email me directly at "nolichuckyroots at gmail dot com".