Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ Summertime, c. 1919

Anna Pereksta, seated in center with a bite missing from her watermelon.

We are deep into a record setting winter in the United States. Time for a taste of summer.

My grandmother, Anna Pereksta, spent several months in Saranac Lake (NY) recovering from influenza. Her care there was paid for by Endicott Johnson, her employer. Most of the patients were being treated for tuberculosis, but she always said she had had the flu. 

Whatever the disease, those months recovering were a cherished time in a life that was far more work than play. 

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  1. Love the old photo with corner holders intact too. Seems odd to have someone recovering from the flu in the midst of people recovering from TB, but... Who knows. I'm sure it was a time out of time for her. Very interesting photo and information, Susan.


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