Friday, September 23, 2011

Disunion & Emerging Civil War - Follow Friday

The sesquicentennial of the Civil War has prompted me to focus on the conflict and its effects on the families I explore. Initially, much of my research has been examining the War in Tennessee, Kansas, Maryland and Virginia where our kinfolk lived during the conflict.

Two blogs have been more than helpful - they're so well written and engaging that they've become must reads for me. I've mentioned the fabulous Disunion posts at the New York Times and the Emerging Civil War blog written by National Park Service historians before. I'm doing so again.

Read these blogs. Seriously - though the blogs are not always serious. There are moments of humor and even whimsy. My latest favorite post at Emerging Civil War is a set of photographs Antietam Remembered. I will not forget the image of the Union soldier reenactor and his cell phone. I loved Roxana Robinson's post on coming to terms with her Great-Aunt Hattie's legacy at Disunion. Hattie, by the way, is more commonly known as Harriet Beecher Stowe. Great stuff.


  1. Thanks for these leads. I have 2 ancestors from Ohio who served in the Civil War and am just beginning to research their history and life during the war.

  2. I really enjoyed reading Roxana Robinson's post. For one thing, living in Cincinnati, I've been in one of Harriet Beecher Stowe's homes. I'm sure it would be almost a mansion compared to other homes of the time. It is now preserved as a sort of museum. We used to have meetings there. I may have to finally commit to reading the book.

  3. WOW! How have I missed these? Great to add to my reader list. Thanks!

  4. Somehow the cell phone just kills the moment :-)

  5. Thanks for the kind words about Emerging Civil War. I am their latest "new" writer, and am glad to see this blog get the attention it deserves. Meg Thompson


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