Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Southern Belle - Wordless Wednesday

Maria Lee Palmer Smith (1844-1931)

Maria Lee is my husband's great-grandmother, the daughter of Margaret Meredith and James Armistead Palmer. This is a xeroxed copy of an undated photograph. I believe it was taken when she was in mourning, but don't know if it was for her mother (1889), her husband (1900) or her son (1916). The earlier dates seems the more likely, given her clothing.


  1. What a beautiful young woman. Thanks for sharing...

  2. She was very beautiful. I agree with the 1889 time frame, while I cant see her clothes all that well I was going by age...1889 would make her 45. She looks actually younger than that in the photo though :)

  3. The hairstyle looks Victorian, so I'd go with 1889, too. Great picture!


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