Monday, May 30, 2011

Saluting our World War II Veterans

While immersed in the Civil War, on this Memorial Day I want to especially recognize the three living members of our family who served during World War II. My thanks and admiration to each of you. We're blessed to have such a mother, grandmother and uncles with us.


  1. Our greatest admiration and respect, thank you all for your service. And on a side note -- I haven't seen that picture of Tony in ages, thanks so much for posting it. No wonder Rose fell in love, whew, what a looker!

  2. Susan, your mother served in WWII? If you've written about her, could you please point me to your post.

  3. Barb - my mother-in-law was a Navy nurse. I've not written much about her  but did mention a story or two in this 90th birthday post.


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