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Sawyer Guardian (1892) - Amanuensis Monday


To Wm Sawyers   , A Citizen of Greene County:
     Whereas, It appearing to the County Court of said County that   Laney & Riller Sawyers      minors, and the Court being satisfied as to your right to the Guardianship of said minors, and you having given bond and qualified according to the law, and the Court having ordered that Letters of Guardianship be issued to you,
      You, are therefore, authorized to take into your possession, for the use and benefit of said ward , the profits of the lands, tenements, and hereditments belonging to them, and also the goods, chattels, and other personal estate of the said wards  ; to bring such suits or actions in relations thereto as may be deemed necessary; to return to the next Court after the date hereof a statement on oath of all the estate which shall have come into your hands or possession; to exhibit annually an account of the profits and disbursements thereof; to return a new list of the estate of said ward   two years from the date hereof; to renew your bond as such, and to faithfully perform all the duties required of you by thereof; to deliver and pay to the person lawfully authorized to receive the same, the residue of said estate, including the profits arising therefrom. Herein fail not.
      Witness, W. D. GOOD, Clerk of said Court, at office, this   3  day of    Oct     , 189 2  , and    117 year of American Independence.

                                                                                  W. D. Good              , Clerk.

Notes:  William Sawyer(s) was my gg-uncle, an older brother of my ggrandfather Jehu Stokely (Gee) Sawyers. Delaney or Laney (b. 1878) and Rilla or Riller (b. 1882) were daughters of another brother, Jacob C. (Jake) Sawyer(s) and his wife Sarah Fox. Other family receipts and records suggest Jake died in 1887. No other proof of death has been found. This receipt was part of the papers taken from Gee Sawyer's home in 1997 when the house was sold following the death of Gee's last child. William died in 1898.

Source: Wm. Sawyers Guardianship, Court Order, 3 October 1892. Digital image. Privately held by Nolichucky Roots [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE], 1997. 

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  1. amanuensis monday isn't as interesting or exciting as some things but it's so important to transcribe those documents and tapes.


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