Friday, August 20, 2010

Follow Friday: Sharing a Slice of Life

I'm beginning to come back to earth and about to head home after a glorious, joyous set of weddings. One very happy nephew and niece are honeymooning on a tropical beach, and more importantly (to me), a very happy son and daughter are settling in to life before heading off in the autumn to Italy - and a beach. Their wedding pictures include many of us in full wedding regalia wiggling our bare toes in the sand - on a beach. And as I finally have a chance to check out my geneablogger world, to see what's been happening while I've been on autopilot, I am writing this on my last day in a cottage nestled in the dunes - above that same beach.

So it was quite a kick this morning to start dipping into the blogs and find Carol's beach reverie at Reflections From the Fence which led me to Sharing a Slice of Life. Most of what I've done here has been a family history variety of what Lisa so perfectly labeled 'show and tell' - especially this summer of weddings.  And that is my goal.  But texasblu's prompts open the memory floodgates and the most amazing images and snippets flow by.  I may not post each week, but I can't imagine a better way to start or finish my day than sipping something appropriate to the hour and letting the memories she prompts wash over me.  Well, maybe not the Bug prompt.  Don't want that washing over me - ever.

But beaches - those memories will flow forever.  I grew up on a New England beach, honeymooned on Virginia Beach (it is for lovers - until the hurricane warnings are posted and the Navy sails out to sea), watched my daughter take her first steps on a South Carolina beach (still littered with debris from another hurricane), dragged my children back to New England every summer to rocky and sandy beaches, watched them grow up (and marry!) on a Michigan beach where I sit now contemplating my return to a beachless home.  We will be back next summer, will walk a mile south of town and see this, and know we are still creating new memories.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, isn't Slice of Life great fun?? Getting stories on the blog are part of my overall plan too.

    Great entry and fab fab fab photo!

    Grand Haven. Ohhhh love it over there on Lake Michigan. MORE FAB FAB FAB!!!

  2. Oooooo - LOVE this picture! And picturesque memories to go with it too - the thought of your daughter taking her first steps on the beach after a hurricane is touching!

    You know, a lot of people were startled by the bug prompt, but we got some great stories out of it - I have to admit though, it was one of my more, ah, interesting ideas. heh-heh! Thank you for joining us this week! :)

  3. Love the picture that so greatly expresses your thoughts. I have been so impressed by how many have loved the beaches. I love Carol's offering too.


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