Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Frolics

One of my great-aunt's favorite words was frolic. I would ask her what they did before summer camp and movies and Girl Scouts and she would laughingly say, "Why we would frolic!" The word would roll off her tongue and dance about my head as she told stories of picnics and parties and car rides through the Tennessee countryside. She was the youngest of ten high-spirited children who grew into high-spirited adults.

I remember her voice as I look through the photo albums she and her sisters kept. They certainly did frolic during those long ago summers.  She remained ready for frolics and adventure well into her eighties, though the photographic evidence of those later frolics seems to have vanished. 

Frolic in the creek c. 1918.  Note the stylish newspaper hats.

Frolic with Ice Cream Cones, c. 1918

Baseball Frolic Gone Bad, c. 1925

Motor Frolic, c. 1930

Beach Frolic after WWII.

The next generation frolics at Myrtle Beach about 1948.

Submitted to the 95th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy.


  1. Oh, how fun...I will never hear the word "frolic" again without thinking of this post!

  2. FABULOUS photos! Enjoyed them all!

  3. Jasia was right when she said you have the best frolic photos! You DO! I love these photos. I secretly wish I had photos like these from my own family. What fun!

  4. I love the newspaper bonnets. Those ladies cared about their skin. The successive pictures really gives a pictorial history of the changes of swimsuits. Thanks for sharing.


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