Wednesday, June 2, 2010

East Tennessee Slaves Named in the 1860 Census

The 1860 U.S. Federal Census - Slave Schedules (Schedule 2) for Washington County, Tennessee contains 953 slave entries, including age, gender, race (black or mulatto), owner and location. It appears that many of these slaves were included by name (given name and master's surname) in the households of their owners on the regular census form. Those entries were then crossed out and notations added moving the entries to the Slave Schedules. 

1860 Census listing for Thomas C. McAdams, Washington County, TN

1860 Slave Schedule for Thomas McAdams, Washington County, TN
For example, the household of Thomas C. McAdams (Household 1144, Campbells District, Washington, TN) includes Sarah McAdams, aged 24, and Martha E. McAdams, aged 3.  Both were listed as black and born in Tennessee.  They were then crossed out and a faint notation made "Sched 2" which refers to the Slave Schedule, which does show McAdams with two female slaves, one aged 24 and one aged 3.  

Though I've known about the McAdams slave listing for sometime, I only recently noticed similar entries on other pages throughout the 1860 Washington County Census.  I planned to record those entries on my Slaves referenced in family research page at until I realized that most, if not all, the slaveowners listed on the Slave Schedule near to McAdams also had their slaves enumerated in the Census and the numbers were far beyond my list capacity.  

If the double listings occurred throughout the county census a more detailed study should be done.  So, a new item for my "To Do" list.  I will examine the census and Slave Schedule carefully to see how many slaves were listed in both.  It would be interesting to compare the names in the 1860 Census to those in the 1870 Census following Emancipation.  Not sure I'll get to that in the near future, but I should be able to do a preliminary survey this summer.  

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