Monday, June 7, 2010

Amanuensis Monday: McAdams Family Record, page 2

Thanks to John at Transylvanian Dutch for providing a framework (and nudge) for transcribing family records, news clippings and other treasures.

This is the second page of the McAdams Family Record I scanned and posted separately.  It details the family of Thomas C. McAdams (1806-1881) of Washington County, Tennessee.


Margaret McAdams,     August 29, 1802
Mary McAdams,     August 25, 1804
Thomas C. McAdams, Sr.,     Dec. 5, 1806
Samuel B. McAdams, Sr.,     January 18, 1809
Hugh McAdams,     August 23, 1772
Isabella Bryson,     September 14, 1776
Jane McAdams,     April 13, 1811
Anna S. MCAdams,     (nee Duncan)     February 6, 1813


Margaret Jane Gibson,     March 10, 1839
Louretta Stephenson McAdams,    July 21, 1866
Flora Jane McAdams,      June 3, 1868
Maggie M. Good,     Feb 3, 1854
Bessie E. McAdams,    March 18, 1878
Hester V. McAdams,      June 19, 1879
Ralph E H McAdams,     January 15, 1882
Hugh Thomas McAdams,     November 11, 1884


* Matthew Judson McAdams,     August 15, 1835
* John Cloyd McAdams,     December 20, 1836
   Hugh Morrison McAdams,    November 30, 1838
* David Brainard McAdams,     Feb 3, 1841
   William Plummer McAdams,     March 14, 1843
* Samuel Bryson McAdams,     Feb 3, 1845
   Robert Newton McAdams,     December 3, 1847
   James Houston McAdams,    Feb 14, 1850
   Chalmers Stephenson McAdams,     Feb 16, 1853
   Thomas Cunningham McAdams, Jr.     August 29, 1855
   Charles Alexander Hodge McAdams,     April 5, 1858

* In Civil War on Federal side (1861-1865)


Matthew Stephenson,     Feb. 7, 1777
John Stephenson,     May 27,  1779
Elizabeth Cloyd,     October 15, 1781
William Stephenson,     September 18, 1812
David Stephenson,     August 6th, 1815
Cynthia Stephenson,     April 30, 1817
Mary N. Stephenson,     November 7, 1819
Emily H Stephenson,     March 13, 1823
William S Strain,     June 22, 1833
Jonathan C Mitchell,     July 13, 1821  (Capt.  Iowa Reg.  Civil War)
S. G. Wyly,    May 26, 1815           (Presbyterian Minister)
Polly Nelson,     July 29, 1779

  1. The names Thomas and Cynthia used for their eleven sons include family names and those of famous ministers.  Cloyd, Bryson, Houston, Stephenson, and Cunningham are known family names.  David Brainard, Robert Newton and Charles Hodge were famous ministers.  
  2. The first section includes births of Thomas McAdams siblings, parents and at least one sister-in-law.  Ann Duncan married Thomas' brother Samuel B. McAdams, Sr. 
  3. The second section includes births of David B(rainard)'s wife and two daughters and of Robert N(ewton)'s wife and children.
  4. The third section mirrors the information on page 1 about the McAdams sons, but adds middle names.  John C(loyd)'s birthdate is transcribed December 20, 1836 here as opposed to December 30, 1836 on page 1.  
  5. The last section includes the births of Cynthia Stephenson's family.  In addition to her parents and siblings, an uncle (Matthew) is included, as are the spouses of her sisters.  Polly Nelson was her father's first wife.  

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