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Making census of the Hamptons 1830-1840

As part of my ongoing effort to sort through the Hamptons of Washington County, TN I have compared census information, marriage and estate records.  The census records were examined online using

There are at least two, possibly three, distinct Hampton families recorded in the 1830 Washington County, TN census.  It is unknown what, if any relationship they have to the earlier Hamptons in Cocke County, Hosea and Job or the Hamptons found in Carter County.  Jesse and Robert Hampton were brothers, sons of the Robert Hampton whose will was recorded in 1796.  Winey Hampton was a female head of household with two males under 10, and four females 5-20. Additionally, Isaac Mulkey and Samuel Bayless had Hampton wives whose parentage is unknown.  Mulkey and Bayless were, however, closely associated with the family of Robert Hampton.   

In 1840 Robert appeared again.  His brother was not enumerated, but his son Hiram was listed as a head of household.

Winny Hampton was enumerated with one male, 15-20 and one female, 15-20.  She lost 3 females of marriageable age.  Existing marriage records for Washington County list four Hampton brides during the 1830s.  Elizabeth Hampton Duncan was a daughter of Robert Hampton.  Mary Hampton Cunningham was a daughter of John (another son of the Robert who left a will in 1796) and Anna Bayless Hampton according to information received from one of her descendants.  The other two are possible daughters of Winny Hampton. 

Washington County Hampton brides for 1830s

Hampton, Mary
Cunningham, John

Hampton, Elizabeth
Duncan, John

Hampton, Elizabeth
Rigsby, Peleg

Hampton, M
Tapp, Isaac

William L Hampton was enumerated.  He was 30-40 years old, too young to be another son of 1796 Robert.  It is unclear how or if he is related to the Robert or Winny families. He may, however be the William L Hampton enumerated in Carter County in 1830.  That William (aged 20-30) was listed with households headed by Thomas Hampton, Lucinda Laws, Mary Hampton and Elizabeth Laws.

Anna Hampton was enumerated, age 30-40, with three children.  It is unclear how of if she is related to the Robert or Winny families.  But she is probably the woman enumerated in 1850 as Ann Hutchings, w/ John b. Hampton living there.  Wash Co. Marriages record a Hampton/Hutchins marriage.

Thomas Hampton was enumerated, age 20-30, a single man living in what may have been a school, hotel or boarding house.  It is unclear how or if he is related to the Robert or Winny families.   He is too young to have been the Thomas enumerated next to William L. Hampton (above) in the 1830 Carter County census.

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